• What is 365 Emoney ® Platform

    365 Emoney ® is an European International Licensed platform providing Ewallet and Currency exchange services (Fiat money againsy Cryptocurrency and Viceversa).

  • How Secure is the Platform?

    365 Emoney ® Platform services are 100% secure. We process and execute all operations through our third party partners which all are fully backed up and constantly audited.

  • Is there 365 Emoney ® Licensed?

    365 Emoney ® is a REGISTERED EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) TRADEMARK. 365 Emoney OÜ is an European Fully Licensed company. LICENSES FRK001336 & FVR001452 approved by Federal Unit Intelligene of Estonia, provinding Virtual Currency Wallet & Exchange between Fiat/Crypto Service Provider

  • Compliance and KYC

    365 Emoney ® is totally compromised with transparency and good legal practices. We require every customer or business to pass through our KYC and Compliance Process prior they can deposit or withdrawal money in order to ensure the security of the platform and all its users, providers and third-parties involved

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